What is paid a lot of attention in businesses today is increasing the number of customers. Company managers are constantly working on campaigns aimed at selling products to new people. In this article, we are going to draw your attention to another treasure, your existing customers!

If you have at least a few customers who are your good customers and buy from you constantly, also if you have a number of products, which means your products are more than one, you can use the magic matrix method to increase your sales rapidly.

How to use the magic matrix?

The procedure is very easy:
Draw a table where the number of rows in this table is equal to the number of your best customers.
Suppose you have 100 customers in your business, but 10 of your customers are your very good and loyal customers; Therefore, consider the number of rows in this table to be 10 and write the name of one of your customers in front of each row. That is, you actually write the names of your top 10 customers in front of these 10 lines.

Write the name of one of your products in front of each column. For example, if you have 5 products, the columns of this table will be 5 columns and the rows of your table will be 10 rows.

With this method, you get a table or matrix in which your good customers and your products are written. Your next step is to find out which of these good customers have already bought your products and which ones they haven’t.

Maybe you don’t have a CRM system or an accurate accounting system and you can’t find which products each customer has purchased; But since the number of your very good customers is small, you can contact each of them and check which products they have prepared and put a tick in front of each one they have bought.

By doing this and ticking the intersection of customer name and product name, in fact, part of the houses of this matrix will be filled and part of it will remain empty.

The easiest and fastest way to increase sales is to see which houses are empty after filling this table. Now it’s time to think. You can find a special offer for each specific customer, and these special offers can be communicated to customers through direct phone calls, text messages or emails. With this, you can have a very good special sale in the shortest possible time.


In this way, you will make all your good customers have all the products related to them and be encouraged to buy your other products as well.
Of course, it’s better not to just call and say that you didn’t buy one of our 5 products!
It is better to present this issue to them during a special offer or a special sale. For example, send an SMS and tell them that because you have been one of our recent top customers and have purchased 4 products, as a special offer we will offer you the fifth product with a percentage discount or free delivery, etc.
In marketing, always keep in mind that our best customers are usually the easiest and most convenient target market for repeat sales. If they have already bought from us several times, they are the easiest to make their next purchase.

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